Introduction to Dossa - The Skeleton Key

HELLO THERE! Welcome to the Skeleton Key! We deal the best goods, services, and information in all of Dossa Dasukoht Dal Riata D’Or: everything you need to open a world of possibilities! Don’t mind the name, everyone stumbles their first time through, and most people just call it Dossa. We’re glad to see travelers and locals alike in here, and all good coin is welcome. We have traveling supplies, local and exotic goods, everything that anyone could possibly need! Take a look around and let me know if I can help you with anything.

There are countless shelves and exhibits covering every inch of floorspace available, containing old tombs and almanacs, shined and sharpened weapons, specialty goods, and supplies. Some goods are stacked to the ceiling, while other items are carefully displayed in elegant cases of their own.

Browsing around, you see to one side a larger man discussing a fair price with a customer and his son for the boy’s first hunting knife. Near you are several people browsing baskets of soaps, and bolts of unfinished cloth. Just out of clear sight, a section in the back looks to be made of bookshelves. You head that way to see what they have, sliding between isles and gobs of goods, finally pinching between the stacks to peruse the titles…

Dossa Dasukoht Dal Riata D’Or: A History

Great War, The

Politics and Government

Saints, The

Introduction to Dossa - The Skeleton Key

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